CenseoHealth to Hire Over 100 New Employees and Expand Office Space

New Employees Hired to Meet Demand for Company's CareConsult™

DALLAS, May 1, 2013 – CenseoHealth, a pioneer in physician home consultations, announced today the Company will expand its corporate headquarters in Dallas, TX; creating approximately 140 new jobs over the next three months. This expansion will support increased demand for the Company’s suite of services, including its in-home consultation service, CareConsult™. These consultations are conducted by one of CenseoHealth’s physicians and have shown to improve communication between individuals and their primary care providers, leading to improved quality of care for plan members.
In line with the goals of more than 30 health insurance plans contracted with CenseoHealth, the Company will complete more than twice as many CareConsults this year compared to 2012. Additionally, by capitalizing on starting these evaluations early, CenseoHealth’s clients propelled the Company into a record-setting first quarter, increasing the number of evaluations completed year over year by 250 percent. Annually scheduling CareConsults prior to February 1st enables health plans to target more high-risk populations and identify and address gaps in care during the HEDIS data collection period.
“Our cutting-edge services have transformed CenseoHealth into one of the largest and fastest-growing physician home consultation providers in the United States,” said Dr. Jack McCallum, CEO of CenseoHealth. “The health plans we work with recognize the value CareConsult provides both in more accurately documenting diagnoses and in improving members’ care and quality of life.”
This expansion marks several new milestones for CenseoHealth. In addition to creating new jobs, CenseoHealth will add 18,000 square-feet of office space; an 85 percent increase from the Company’s current 21,000 square feet. Since CenseoHealth’s inception in 2009, the Company has grown from just three corporate employees to over 300 this year. The Company’s network of over 2,000 physicians is expected to visit health plan members in their homes in more than 40 states this year.  
“Our recent growth is both exciting and humbling,” said Bales W. Nelson, President of CenseoHealth. “Our growing staff of dedicated employees and industry experts are clearly the drivers of the Company’s success. This is truly an exciting time to be a part of CenseoHealth and I expect this growth to continue well into the future.”
About CenseoHealth
CenseoHealth’s mission is to facilitate meaningful connections between health plans and their members by providing tailored solutions resulting in high-quality, cost-effective health care. The Company’s suite of services is anchored by CareConsult™, an in-home health consultation conducted by one of the Company’s 10,000 licensed physicians that results in improved member engagement, more accurate diagnoses, and more informed primary care providers. CenseoHealth’s additional services expand the Company’s breadth of support and subsequently assist health plans in their effort to close gaps in care and mitigate audit risk.
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Melissa Humphrey
Vice President of Marketing