CenseoHealth Supports Health Insurance Marketplace Plans with Health Assessment Programs

DALLAS – September 03, 2015 - CenseoHealth an industry leader of physician-performed health assessment solutions for Medicare Advantage plans, has partnered with Health Insurance Marketplace (HIX) and Commercial plans in 2015 to provide their members health assessments at their home, workplace, primary care physician’s office or retail clinic.

CenseoHealth is proud to support this new market in their effort to provide quality care to this previously uninsured population.
According to a June 2015 RAND Corporation study, the Affordable Care Act provided health insurance coverage to 16.9 million newly insured Americans. With no health history on these individuals, it is critical HIX plans are doing what they can to get their members connected to primary care and case management if needed.

By partnering with CenseoHealth, HIX plans are able to offer their members quality time with a physician at a location that is convenient for them. Members appreciate the thoroughness of the health assessment and recommendations. With the data collected from the assessment, health plans are then able to better understand the health needs of their members and assist them in navigating their care and recommended preventative services.

Satisfaction with CenseoHealth health assessments is high. The following are testimonials from health plan members who have received a CenseoHealth’s physician health assessment:

“I am a retired nurse and I never saw the point in scheduling these visits, but decided to give it a try. The physician diagnosed my husband with a heart problem and advised us to follow up with our primary care physician. When we visited with the doctor, he found the diagnosis to be correct. It is a serious condition and were it not for the CenseoHealth assessment, my husband probably wouldn’t be here today. Now my husband and I look forward to scheduling these in the future.”

“I originally didn’t think I needed the visit. The physician noticed changes that I didn’t even see, and detected pancreatic cancer. I am so appreciative and thankful for what CenseoHealth is doing.”

“The physician who visited me was wonderful. He was very professional, extremely nice, and patient. I had such a wonderful experience with the visit, I will be recommending this to all my friends.”

CenseoHealth is a proud sponsor of the 2015 RISE 4th Annual Health Insurance Exchange Summit in Scottsdale, AZ. The Company looks forward to supporting the Health Insurance Marketplace plans with health assessment solutions that help health plans improve member experience and health outcomes.
About CenseoHealth
CenseoHealth is a leading provider of prospective health assessments for health plans and healthcare delivery organizations. The company’s network of nearly 5,000 licensed physicians performs comprehensive, Annual Wellness Visit-compliant assessments with members in their homes, at network physician offices and in community settings. By capturing complete health and social welfare assessments to drive better clinical outcomes through care management referrals and return-to-care recommendations, our insights help enhance member engagement, improve quality ratings and reduce overall healthcare costs. For more information please visit
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