Primary Care Engagement


One goal of a mature in-home visit program is to use the clinical encounter to better engage members with a system that isn’t always organized around their needs. CenseoCareConnect is the final step in the home visit, connecting members to their primary physician – or helping them solve the access issues that might be preventing them from doing so. CenseoHealth’s outreach coordinators will follow-up with your members within 14 days of their visit, ask members about their experience and assist them with scheduling a follow-up visit with their PCP.

Improved care coordination and quality of care.

In addition to getting beneficiaries and PCPs face-to-face, follow-up reports help PCPs (and in the end health insurance plans) make the most of each primary care visit. Using CenseoCareConnect’s two-prong approach (outreach and communication) your organization will be sure to achieve improved care coordination and impact important HEDIS, CMS Star Rating, and other quality measures.