Mobile Physician Visits


With a complete record—medical and family history, living conditions, medication list, case management opportunities, recent lab results and recommendations—your organization and beneficiaries' physicians are equipped to provide superior care coordination.



Extend the reach of primary care into the home with a mobile physician visit.

Address questions doctors don't have time to ask during a 10 minute office visit, and health risks that can only be seen in the home.

  • Collect a comprehensive medical history, healthy living assessment and medication review
  • Identify gaps in care, health risks and case management opportunities
  • Conduct select lab tests (see below)
  • Plan more powerful initiatives with accurate, real-time data
  • Prevent sentinel events
  • Manage transitions

See results.

  • Increased beneficiary engagement and satisfaction
  • Improved beneficiary retention
  • Reduction in preventable ER and acute care visits
  • Impact on HEDIS, CMS Star Rating and other quality measurement scores

Conduct select lab services during any mobile physician visit.

LDL & HbA1c

A finger prick blood test administered in the home is used to measure LDL hemoglobin A1c.


"FIT CHEK" kits, used for colorectal cancer screening, are left with the beneficiary and mailed back upon completion.


Collected in the home using a urine sample, the test checks for signs of CKD in beneficiaries with diabetes.