Comprehensive Medication Review Services


One of the most challenging issues facing the healthcare industry today, CenseoCareRx provides payers with an honest view of beneficiaries’ entire medicine cabinet. Using in-home physician visits and comprehensive medication reviews (CMR), CenseoHealth's expanded medication therapy management (MTM) program increase comprehensive medication review completion rates by executing a CMS-required medication action plan (MAP) and delivering to members within the federal timeframe - helping to get members' adherence on track.


Home, the best site of care for comprehensive medication reviews.

When comprehensive medication reviews (CMRs) are conducted at home with a physician, you get a complete view of beneficiary compliance and adherence. Reviewing beneficiaries' prescriptions, other medications and supplements in the home means no medications are missed, unmentioned, or left-behind and details are documented accurately.


Increase CMR completion rates.

Maximize your comprehensive medication review completion opportunities and deliver a CMS compliant medication action plan (MAP) within regulatory timeframes. CenseoHealth’s in-home visits, CMRs and MAPs seamlessly integrate into any MTM program, dramatically boosting your plan’s CMR completion rate.

  • Combine health risk assessment (HRA) and medication therapy management (MTM) telephonic outreach and data collection for streamlined outreach efforts and increased efficiency
  • Target members using advanced clinical algorithms and CMS MTM eligible member requirements
  • Provide members quality time with a physician so they are able to have a candid conversation about their medication regimen concerns and reasons for non-compliance or non-adherence
  • Deliver a CMS-approved medication action plan (MAP) to beneficiaries and their designated primary care physician within regulatory timeframes, tying medication counseling to broader clinical initiatives

Medication compliance and adherence, on track.

A candid conversation with a physician in a relaxed environment, CenseoHealth CMRs uncover reasons for non-compliance or non-adherence and address solutions for getting both on track:

  • All prescriptions, medications and supplements the beneficiary is currently taking
  • Drugs the beneficiary is no longer taking
  • Does the beneficiary understand what they are taking and why
  • Questions and concerns regarding their medication regimen
  • Recommendations and post-assessment MAP guide future medication reviews between the beneficiary and their primary care physician